August 9th & 10th – Cockpit Arts Education Space, London

Organised by and for the AFP Fellows community to meet the need for shared space, reflection and support. This two-day mini conference will offer a creative, flexible programme – delegates can attend one or both days and get a full experience – designed to meet the current and emerging needs of the group.

At present there are three workshop sessions responding to priority themes/needs in the fellows’ community – these themes are Wellbeing/Self Care; Peer Mentoring training; Managing Self and Others (encapsulating needs around managing up, working with Governance, managing own confidence). These will sit alongside facilitated open sessions to respond to live and emerging questions, challenges, areas of exploration.

The culture of the two days is intended to be fun, restorative, supportive and safe, inspiring and practical.

Facilitated by Emma Haughton and Lisa Westbury of Generate, these 2 days will be a blend of learning skills and tools, and space for reflection and co-creation. The conference aims to provide a foundation for the Fellows community to grow and support each other.

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